Worth Adventure Group



Worth Adventure Group facilitates Professional Development activities designed to improve communication, cooperation and creativity within teams using an adventure-based "learning by doing" approach, whereby participants are fully involved and invested in the experience. Using group problem solving initiatives, subject matter experts, ideation techniques and inspirational goal setting processes, we concentrate on skills that will enhance in individuals and groups a sense of accomplishment, high performance, unity and enjoyment with a focus on success. Utilizing non-traditional environments for learning, we work closely with planners to deliver soul moving experiences that reframe, reenergize, realign and rediscover. We deliver our year round custom programming throughout Prince Edward Island and select National and International Destinations.  Contact Ann Worth,  at 902-626-9666 or ann@worthconsultinggroup.com to share your aspirations for taking professional development to the next level in your organization. We will work with you to custom design a program that will meet the specific needs and goals of your organization.