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Like you, we care about taking care of people.  One way you demonstrate this is through your leadership and focus on Workplace Safety Excellence as a KPI in your business.

Safety Culture and Safety Climate for Proactive Employers

Safety culture captures the notion that the values, attitudes and behaviors among workers at a firm, with regards to how they think and act towards safety, can have a significant impact on the firm’s safety performance. Safety climate, a related but different term provides a way to measure what workers think about safety culture in their company at a given point in time. Safety climate refers to workers’ shared perceptions of their firms’ and their leaders’ approach to safety. Safety climate assessment provides a focus point to facilitate a proactive approach for company leadership to making changes to improve safety.

There is a growing interest in the use of safety climate in injury prevention. Safety climate holds great potential in improving a company’s health and safety performance and reducing workplace accidents and injury rates.

A company’s safety climate can be determined through communications that ask employees how their immediate supervisors and senior managers deal with safety issues. Climate can be used, somewhat like a barometer, as a forecasting tool.

Studies have shown that safety climate is related to safety performance, so the results of these communications could provide a way to predict the potential for workplace injury. Growing research evidence also suggests that the use of safety climate could have a significant impact in injury prevention, if organizations were to measure their climate and take action to improve it.

Worth Training and Compliance work closely with safety experts and senior leadership teams in companies to self-assess their own safety climate through the eyes of their employees.  With a dedicated process, we will work closely with you on a Safety Culture Assessment followed by mapping out a responsive plan that elevates company performance and compliance in the areas of safety and risk within the organization. Further, we will establish an Oversight/Check-in process with you on plan implementation progress. Companies that routinely monitor their safety climates and make an effort to strengthen them often realize sustainable improvements in occupational health and safety (OHS) performance.

I’m Ann Worth, Owner of Worth Training and Compliance. It would be an honor to work with you on driving strong future company performance through initiatives that reduce risk and enhance healthy and safe workplaces. For a confidential discussion, please contact me at Tel 902-626-9666 or email ann@worthconsultinggroup.com